Arrival and Dismissal

candace-1Arrival and dismissal are important parts of VBS. If parents do not know where to drop off their children and where to pick them up, then they can become frustrated. Clearly marking these areas and creating an organized traffic flow makes the process so much easier. It is also necessary to publicize how arrivals and dismissals will be handled so parents know the procedures ahead of time. At my church the children arrive and are let out at the fellowship hall, but at the end of VBS their parents have to come in and get them in the sanctuary. We try to make sure that parents are aware of this, but there is always someone who goes to the wrong location at the end of the day or the parent who sits in the car waiting for their child to come out to them. For our church, having the parents come in and get their children helps with security and having an organized dismissal time. The children are seated with their classes and each teacher is responsible for the children in her class.

Each church is different in where and how children enter and leave the building. Figure out what works best for your church situation and for the parents dropping off their children. Then make sure the plan is organized and communicated to those working VBS so that they can help steer parents in the right direction. If it is necessary, enlist a team of people to direct traffic, and then have them placed in the church to give directions if the drop-off and pick-up location is a long distance from the place where the children are gathering.

How does your church handle the arrival and dismissal time?


  1. PaPaul says

    I feel we have a really good process for Arrival and Dismissal:

    Arrival - First Day - We have all report with adequate signage to the Sanctuary where they go through our registration process - they choose the line based on whether they are pre-registered or first time registering. They then go through this process at three stations to get room assignment and we mark whether they will be a "Car Rider" at pick-up or riding with an attending parent....We then have "Greeters" escort them to their rooms where teachers are prepared and ready for the "Early Arrivals."

    Pick-Up - We have issued what we call a "Pick-Up Permit Sign" when they registered that "ALL" must have on their dash which contains the child's name and age groups....We have two stops - a Preschool Stop and a Children's Stop...The Preschool wait in a fenced in play ground - and the children are in the fellowship hall - but the traffic line flows through past both these stops...."Pick-Up Permit Sign" is the key - if they come without the sign - We check their license and our parking attendant has a listing of "Approved Person That Can Pick up the child." We have had to do this several times and the Parents - Always tell us how much they appreciate us checking as this shows them that we are serious about our process and security....This is an area that needs much attention - Thanks for bringing this to our attention to consider - Always room for improvements!

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