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Katie DeCilloIf there's one thing we know you're doing right now, it's looking for inspiration!  VBS is seriously just around the corner.  We're really excited about all the great sharing and conversations going on on our Facebook wall, but we know VBSers are active on Pinterest, too!

We're doing our best to find what you're pinning and pin it to our board so that our followers can see what you're up to.  Be sure to check out the TONS of ideas VBSers have posted online!

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    • Katie DeCillo says

      Hey Scott! Here are the instructions:
      Find an old 2-shelf wooden bookcase and remove the back so that it is open on both sides.
      Cut scrap lumber (1x2s or 1x3s work well) to fit snugly inside the bookcase along the top edge (see picture in Decorating Made Easy book, p. 25). Make sure the measurements are exact and the fit is snug.
      Repeat for the opposite side of the bookcase. (Be sure to measure that side too as the two sides may differ slightly.)
      Drill a hole all the way through the center of a 3-prong (right angle) PVC connector. Repeat with a second connector for the other side of the turnstile.
      Center the connector on the lumber and drive a nail through the hole in the connector and all the way through the lumber. Bend the nail on the backside of the board so that the connector can spin freely but will not tighten (like if using a screw) or fall off.
      Cut 6 equal lengths of PVC pipe to use as the stiles. Push three into each connector. Add end caps to finish off the stiles.
      Position the lumber flush along the top, inside edge of the shelf. Then angle them in slightly (by keeping the top flush with the outer edge of the shelf and pushing the bottom in toward the inside of the shelf). The angle is ESSENTIAL in getting the turnstile to turn properly so people can pass through. (Use the picture on p. 25 of the Decorating Made Easy book as a reference.)
      Use a nail gun to tack the lumber into place. Repeat on both sides of the shelf.
      Cut a large scrap of vinyl, linoleum, foam core, or something like that to fit the shelf (you can use the back that you removed in step 1 as a template). Be sure to cut one for each side (2 total).
      Remove the PVC “stiles” and hold the siding you just cut in place. Mark and then cut an opening in the siding for the turnstile to spin.
      Glue or tack the siding into place and then replace the PVC pipe styles.
      Paint and decorate as desired. We used hammered spray paint to make the whole thing look metallic, yellow duct tape around the edges to hide the seams, and red reflective scrapbook paper cut into circles to look like lights.

  1. Lessie Sites says

    Is there a "healthy" suggestion for Day 5's snack. I won't serve straight sugar to our kids and I am not finding an idea for the binoculars snack.

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