Bible Studies for Life Brings a Christ-focus for the other 51 Weeks of the Year!

The following post was written by Bible Studies for Life: Kids team member Erika Scrimpshire. Erika attends CrossPoint Church in Nashville, TN where she is involved in various ministries. A former high school teacher, Erika has taught Bible studies to kids, students, college students, and young adults. In her spare time, she can be found sharing coffee or dinner with friends, jogging in a local park, or at a dog park with her schnauzer, Bella.

I remember sitting in "Big Church" as a kid holding a slingshot I made Sunday School to remind me of the story I just learned about David and Goliath. Dismissing the inevitability that the kids would slingshot church bulletins across the sanctuary, the pastor began to preach about Jesus and what He has done for us. I remember thinking, Jesus seems awesome, but what does He have to do with David and Goliath? I understood that God did great things through David, but I could not connect the stories of the Bible with the amazing things I was learning about Jesus.

Among the many new enhancements of our Bible Studies for Life: Kids curriculum, each lesson is equipped with a short phrase, called a Christ Focus, that is designed to do just that—focus on Christ. We acknowledge that the Old Testament points to Jesus and the New Testament reflects Him. So, in each session, leaders are provided with a short phrase to help kids answer the question, "What does this story have to do with Jesus?"

The answer: It has EVERYTHING to do with Jesus!

Karl Barth was a Swiss theologian that, in the midst of two world wars, fought the Nazi establishment of a "German Christian Church" and devoted his life to writing about Scripture during the early part of the 20th century. He was once asked by a reporter to give a summary of his life's work. Barth simply replied, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so." We agree. It's all about Jesus.

Make sure the kids in your ministry are hearing how amazing and awesome Christ is EVERY week-- not just during VBS!

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