Three Simple Statements

carol-2Three simple statements, yet they are key to helping you be successful in leading VBS. Have you noticed them? Take a look in your Bible Study Leader Guide, they are right there on the first page of each session. Right along with the Bible story information and the life application. See them now? Good.

Allow me to explain, these three simple statements will help you know if the kids you are leading have made the connection during your lesson. Think of them as objectives, if you will. These statements let you know exactly what you want kids to know when they walk out the door each day. As you are teaching, you can use these statements as a check point to be sure you are reinforcing the main ideas of the day with the kids.

Generally the first statement will be a recall or reminder of information found in the Bible story. The second statement will move kids into applying what they have learned to their own lives. And the third statement generally involves the daily challenge. Each age-group Bible Study Leader Guide includes these statements in leader guides for grades 1-6 they are called "Connection Points" and in the preschool guides they are titled, "What Kids Need to Know."

All the activities and discussion have been written with these three objectives in mind. By staying focused on the objectives throughout each session, you can maximize the limited time you have to reach kids for Christ!


  1. C says

    Great article! I do have one question and unsure how to ask it. Is there a forum for community discussion for VBS this year? It has been a helpful resource in past years. Thanks

  2. Noemi Morales says

    Hello I have 3 boys one is in 2nd grade,the other is in 4th grade,and the last one is in 5th grade.And I wanted to know if the colosal coaster is free?Because I don't see the price on top.And I would like to subscribe my kids in that summer program.Thank you,God bless you.

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