Have You Started Planning for VBS 2013?

candace2Have you started making plans for your VBS this summer? I hope you're answer is yes! But, it not don't worry, you can catch up! There's a great Planning Calendar in the Administrative Guide for Directors to help ensure that you don't miss a step in your planning. Below I'll list a few things that you should be thinking about in the planning schedule if your VBS is three to four months away. The Planning Calendar goes all the through to the end of your VBS, so be sure to check it out! An organized VBS goes so much smoother for those involved!

Six to Nine Months Before VBS

(Dates _________________________)

  • Set up a prayer team. See pages 58-60.
  • Meet with church leaders to discuss dates, budget, goals, and how children can plug in.
  • Place VBS dates on the church calendar.
  • Determine the groups for VBS—preschoolers, children, youth, adult, and special education.
  • Prepare and submit the budget to the church for approval.
  • Set goals for enrollment, attendance, prospects, and offering.
  • Order the VBS 2013 Colossal Coaster World Sampler (005487573) or Super Sampler (005487652). (Use the order form in the VBS Catalog, call 1-800-458-2772, order online at www.lifeway.com/vbs, or purchase it at your nearest LifeWay Christian Store.)

Four to Six Months Before VBS

(Dates _________________________)

  • Contact your local associational office for VBS associational training dates. Put the dates on the church calendar.
  • Begin enlisting leaders for Bible Study and other rotation sites. (See pages 28-29.)
  • Estimate VBS enrollment and determine class and department organization.
  •  Enlist a VBS Promotion Team Leader and begin development of a promotional strategy. (See pages 38-40 for additional information.)

Three to Four Months Before VBS

(Dates _________________________)

  • Enlist a VBS Records Team Leader.
  • Enlist a VBS Follow-up Team Leader.
  • Enlist a technology team to take pictures and video, play DVDs, print materials from the enhanced CDs, and so forth.
  • Create a VBS Calendar of Events and place those events on the church calendar. Distribute a copy of the calendar to leaders as they are enlisted.
  • Schedule training meetings and develop agendas.
  • Begin background checks for all volunteers.
  • Guide the VBS Promotion Team to present a promotion strategy. (   See the Promotion Helps folder on the enhanced CD for five promotional skits that may be used with puppets or a small cast.)
  • Plan a VBS Kickoff Event. See pages 41-42 for ideas.
  • Continue to enlist directors and leaders for Bible Study and the rotation sites.
  • Plan pre-enrollment activities.


  1. Gina Dansby says

    We are going to implement a countdown at the beginning of every service, as this has proven to jazz up the VBS crowd and get them excited for joint opening! However, would you be able to help us make a countdown like the one below for CCW 2013?

    Thanks again!
    FBC Valliant


  2. says

    I have started to plan for VBS 2013 and I must say that I am disappointed in the website and the CD in the administrative guide. Both are not user friendly at all. I LOVED when you had the Lifeway Community where people could post ideas under different threads. I do not prefer the blogs, which I know some people do. When I put in my CD for the administrative guide for directors, I was disappointed that I couldn't click on the link from the CD, I had to click on the folders and then tell it to open with Adobe just see it. I realize the technology of it all, but I like seeing everything laid out in the book without having to hunt it on the CD, print it, and then copy it. For the price you pay for everything, I would like it to be more user friendly. I really do miss the VBS Community!!!!! Praying everyone has a great VBS!

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