Naming VBS 2014

Naming VBS 2014. Here's how it went down:

1. Prayer - here's a quote from a guy named unknown - “Prayer does not enable us to do the greater works, prayer IS the greater works.” We pray a lot.

2. Ideation - folks from all over the country gathered at LifeWay to "ideate" VBS themes. Three ideas rose to the top.

3. Splitting into three teams, we hammered out the details—proposing titles, biblical content, rotation site/names, activities, snacks, decorations, etc...

4. Each team did a presentation for the other teams.

5. We prayed. We voted - but we're still far from a decision.

6. Theme ideas vetted by pastors, children's ministers, etc... again folks outside the LifeWay walls.

7. Finally, a vote. A decision is made!

8. "...but that theme doesn't really have a strong name" - " just doesn't seem to say what this theme is really about—given what the Bible content is." - "Can we talk about the title again?"

And talk we did. For several weeks. I've worked in VBS since Kingdom Caper and we've never been this far into the creative process and not had a name.

9. We met to decide on name.

10. We met again to decide on a name.

11. We invited more people and met again to decide on a name.

12. We met again. ...and again, and again.

13. VBS 2014 writer's conference comes and goes. Still no title.

Sometimes, waiting is tough but we know, deep down, God has things well in hand. We keep praying.

14. We met again - maybe even one more time, I can't remember - and finally, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of countless other fallen titles, the VBS 2014 Title emerged!!!

15. We continue to pray as it goes to legal - both inside and outside counsel have to approve it.

16. We get the "all clear" and we're good to go! WE HAVE A TITLE!

So, without further ado, the official, signed, sealed, delivered title of VBS 2014 is...

Stay tuned! You're gonna love it!!



  1. Kelley Taylor says

    Whew! Way to build suspense. -_-

    So thankful for all the prayer that goes into making VBS everything that it is. Continued prayers for the team!!

    • Gordon Brown says

      Hey Kelly - Being on the front line, teaching VBS, you are truly the most important VBS team member! We pray for you guys too—especially during the summer months when most VBSs are happening. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of kids. It's hard to imagine a better investment of time and talent than pointing kids to Jesus Christ!
      We sure do appreciate your prayers for us. Every VBS production year has it's own story: personal tragedy, sickness, staff changes, technological difficulties, outright spiritual warfare, you name and we've probably encountered it. Your prayers help us accomplish the work.

  2. Deborah says

    Thanks for reminding us to keep praying and seeking the answers. So many times we get overwhelmed in getting everything ready, but we should never get discouraged. The goal is to introduce our children to Jesus and teach them how to have Him as their forever friend!!!! What an awesome responsibility!!!

    Our team really enjoyed the preview in Nashville this year. The changes were refreshing. Thanks so much for the closing assembly and letting us worship and be prayed over. The Lifeway VBS team is in our prayers. Continue the great work!

    • Gordon Brown says

      Thank you! ...and you're right. It is an awesome responsibility - helping build foundations of faith in kids - wow - thank God He's in control! Glad to know you had a great time at Preview! It is a fun event - the highlight for us is getting to meet you guys. We really are striving to make LifeWay's VBS what you guys need it to be. Thanks for praying too! We appreciate your prayers more than we can possibly say.

  3. Amanda A says

    Love that ya'll didn't just settle for good enough. Even when you were way past the time that you thought you should have already decided! Creating good content can take time! Thank you for all the hard work!

    • Gordon Brown says

      Sometimes waiting is the hardest work to do! Thanks for your support and all you do to make VBS happen!

  4. says

    Wow! Your devotion in seeking God's will for VBS is awe inspiring and humbling! No wonder your curriculum is always so powerful and fun! This will be my churche's 3rd year of VBS. Your program seems better every year. I will continue to pray for all of you as you continue to seek God's guidance for 2015! By the way how long do we have to wait in anticipation for the 2014 name? God bless you all!

    • Gordon Brown says

      Thanks so much Deean! Keep us posted on your VBS this year. We'd love to hear what God is doing at your church. We will announce the 2014 theme in early June - June 4th I think. God bless you and all you do to tell kids about Jesus!

  5. says

    I am so glad you waited patiently to hear what God would have the title be instead of forcing your own opinions! This way we know it will be blessed!

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