A Lesson in Trusting God

Esther, Joy, Elijah, and Josiah
Esther, Joy, Elijah, and Josiah

When Esther and Joy were newborns, they moved to Peru so that their parents (my niece and her husband) could serve as missionaries with the International Christian School of Lima. Today the twins are five years old! Along with their younger brothers, Josiah and Elijah, they are always on the go—attending Sunday School and church, going to preschool, learning to speak Spanish, or eating at McDonald’s!

Recently, their parents had some exciting news for them! This summer, when they go back to the states, they won’t be there for just a few weeks. They will be there for a whole year (while daddy and mommy are on sabbatical)!

Listen to a bit of the girls’ phone conversation with Nana and Papa (two of their state-side grandparents):

Joy: I will be sad to leave my friends.

Esther: But, we don’t have to worry when we leave Peru because we won’t leave God in Peru. He will go with us.

Joy: Yeah, Nana, God has a plan for us.

What great insights! For these preschoolers, coming back to the states is both exciting and a little scary. But in the midst of their uncertainties, they are learning to face their fear and trust God. After all, He’s the One with the plan, and He will be with them wherever they go.

Our preschool Bible verse is “God helps me. I will not be afraid.” Hebrews 13:6 Do you have a story about a preschooler in your life who understands this truth? Share it with us!

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