Life After Twinkies

melitaMany of you have participated in one of the snack contests during our VBS Preview events at Ridgecrest, Ft. Worth, and Nashville. We’ve seen amazing examples of creativity over the past month. In fact, it’s been extremely difficult to select just one winner from each event. Take a look at this example... See what I mean?!


This particular snack idea comes from the VBS 2013 Snack Rotation Recipe Cards, so your kids can have fun making their own edible coaster cars during VBS. Don’t worry about not being able to find any Twinkies for this snack. Even though Hostess brand Twinkies are no longer on the shelf, LOTS of other companies make Twinkie-style snack cakes. Little Debbie® makes one called “Cloud Cakes” and Walmart® even has its own store brand. So don’t automatically nix this great little snack idea because it calls for Twinkies. You won’t have any trouble finding a substitute!

cloud cakes


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