Volunteers: Vision and Value

When it comes to recruiting and retaining volunteers from year to year with VBS, and even in weekly teaching opportunities, there is nothing that matters more than vision and value.

78403714Your volunteers need to know why they are needed. What need are they meeting? What eternal purpose are they serving?

Meet with volunteers and help them understand the importance of the work they are doing. Pointing kids to Christ and helping them discover that He wants to have a relationship with them is the most pivotal and impactful way to spend our time. Children need consistent teachers who can show the love of Jesus. As a teacher, you may be the only picture of Jesus that they ever see. This is the time in a child's life that their foundations are being built for life. Teachers help set an accurate view of who God is and who God says that they are that will carry over into their adult life.

As you seek to recruit and retain volunteers, the other key to success is making sure volunteers know you value them. A thank you note or a volunteers dinner goes a long way in ministry! Let volunteers know the effort they are pouring into these kids is notgoing unnoticed and that you appreciate them using their gifts for the glory of the Lord.

If you frequently remind your leaders of their importance in the work of the eternal Kingdom of God and the value of their presence in the ministry at your church, you will be able to guard against burn out and help your volunteers to serve to best of their ability.

What ways do you remind your VBS volunteers that they are valued? How do you share the vision of the importance of their work with them?

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