Fun at Work Day

parrishsmallerDepending on which websites you trust the most, it could be that today, January 28th, is Fun at Work Day. Some websites list the official title as National Fun at Work Day. Other sources also list April 5 as the date for 2013 International Fun at Work Day. A few websites change the date of International Fun at Work Day to April 1, and that gives you good reason to play some harmless April Fool pranks with coworkers along with adding some fun events to the day. I think we should get away with as much fun as possible and celebrate all of the designated days, and even some days not dedicated as Fun at Work Days. Before you judge me, I will admit that it is necessary to be serious at times about our work. However, people who have fun at work have been described as productive, happy employees. I want to be one of them!

Our VBS team does work hard, but we like to mix in some fun with the work just to take the edge off of busy days and  constant deadlines. The very nature of our jobs is to create a fun, nonthreatening way for unchurched kids to learn about Jesus. So sometimes we think we should have a little fun and bring out the child in all of us to make sure we are doing it right. We're only doing it for the kids, you know!

Here are some ways we added a little fun to preparing for and packing up for VBS previews. Keith is always available to make us laugh with funny faces.


Keith Being Silly at RidgecrestAt another spare moment, we all took a little breather and shared some laughs after traveling and hanging out before the VBS Preview Faculty Meeting at Ridgecrest.


VBS Team Hanging Out

With some prompting, we challenged Gordon and Lance to see who could shrink wrap his pallet first. So the race was on!

Lance & Gordon Racing

Then, Lance became distracted and Gordon began to yawn and move in slow motion due to the lack of competition!

Gordon Yawning with Lack of Competition

Mark Jones led conferences for VBS Previews and stayed until the bitter end in Ft. Worth. Here he proudly displays the pallet that he shrunk wrapped! He knew that we would use this photo against him! It's not every day, you can strike a shrink wrapping pose...

Mark Poses After Shrink Wrapping

 So do something fun at work today! Take a minute and tell us about what you did to add a little fun to your workplace! You just might want to make sure there are no photographers around to capture it and post it in a blog for the world to see! But have fun today, and try to get a little work done also along the way!






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