Of Fears and Ironing

IMG_9942The first time I heard the theme song for VBS 2013, I was ironing t-shirts.

It was that day I was reminded, as I have been many times before, how important VBS themes can be for adults, as well as for the kids that experience VBS. I've felt that before as a teacher in my church, but never so much as this year, new on staff at LifeWay.

It was the first full week of November, 2012 and I was more or less hiding behind the scenes of our video shoot for Backyard Kids Club, ironing Colossal Coaster World t-shirts for the participants, and I was scared.

Don’t get me wrong, not hide in your closet and shake scared, just first day of school butterflies scared.

It was my first full week of work at LifeWay, and the video shoot was a good way to learn my way around. Only I didn’t realize when I first signed up that I was going to be IN the video. In front of a number of people I’d only just met. With no idea what I was doing.

So in typical introvert fashion, I volunteered for a job that took me (temporarily) away from all the set-up activity. In the previous two weeks, I had moved from East Tennessee to Nashville, worked on loan paperwork for q new house, met everyone who works for LifeWay Kids (no small number!) and started trying to learn a new job as well as do all the little things that are part of setting up a new life in a new city. I was completely overwhelmed.

And as I ironed those shirts, I heard the theme song kick in downstairs as someone began to teach the kids the hand motions they’d be using.

Wednesday morning-- before we began shooting-- the kids learned the moves to the Colossal Coaster World theme song...indoors!
Before we began shooting the kids learned the moves to the Colossal Coaster World theme song.

“Colossal Co-o-oaster Wo-o-orld, facing fear, trusting God,” I heard sweet young voices begin to sing along. That idea settled inside somewhere and the butterflies landed to take a look.

I’ve always struggled with fear and lack of trust in God (anybody else?) and now I was face to face with a reminder that I wasn’t pausing to trust God at all, just trying to do it all myself. But you’d better believe I paused to ask Him to handle things then!

Looking back over the past few months, I can see how God provided a really fun, and educational, video shoot, a slow but Him-guided mortgage process, a wonderful and very welcoming bunch of new coworkers that I'm having fun getting to know, focus to learn my new job, and grace and comfort for the rocky moments of this move. Scripture promises that kind of stuff is going to keep on happening.

Welcome, Bethany Brown!
The welcome sign that was waiting for me when I arrived here from my wonderful co-workers!

As we're only human, I know I'm not the only one who has struggled to trust God with something. As the new year gets underway, what are some areas that have you a bit worried?  It might be family struggles, problems at work, nerves as you try to get your ducks in a row for VBS, or just the unknown of a new year.

Whatever it is, take a few moments to pray and put God in charge of those, as well as praying for the fears of the kids you’ll be ministering to this summer. Take it from someone who’s wasted a lot of time worrying about things that God eventually worked out: you’ll be glad you did.

What are some scriptures you rely on when you're worried by something going on in your life? One of my favorite is Philippians 4:8-9, 13. Share some of your favorites in the comments below and we can encourage each other!


  1. Sue Harmon says

    Thanks for this wonderful (and well-written) reminder that we can trust God even when we're nervous and overwhelmed! I've certainly been there too, and a verse that helps me is Jer. 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord..." - He's in control so I can relax and trust in Him!

  2. Kelley says

    Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

  3. Christine says

    I have a magnet on my front door that says God may say "wait", but he never says worry." Don't worry about anything instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. If you do this, you will experience Gods peace." Phil 4:6-7

  4. bbrown says

    Haha, Courtney, no I didn't notice, because I didn't take that picture, Katie shared it with me from the day! That is funny.

    Thanks everyone for the verses. These are some of my favorites and I know they will help others who need to hear them too.

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