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melitaIf you’ve taught in VBS even once you probably have several funny stories about things kids did or said. My friend, Scott Wiley, over at “Brick by Brick” often shares funny things he overhears in his Sunday School class and inspired me to do the same. So to kick off the new year, here are my top 10 all-time favorite kid quotes from kindergartners at church…



10. "I am going to rinse this off with my tongue."


9. "Why do people use blue and yellow [paint] to make green? Why don't they just use green paint?"


8. "If I was a shepherd I would use a sheep as a pillow."


7. "We're having a wedding. Sam, you can be the ring master."


6. "Thank You, God, for polar bears. The Coca-Cola kind."


5. "He's my best friend. I've known him for years." (5-year-old speaking)


4. "I'm going to be a rock star astronaut when I grow up!"


3. "Don't press down the [paint] brush too hard or you'll give it a bad hair day."


2. Teacher: "Is it hard to get along and be kind to your brother and sisters all the time?"
Kid: "Yeah, because sometimes my brother is evil."


1. “Dear God, thank You for all the animals that are boys, have horns, and that are dangerous! Amen.”


These are 100% true… and completely hilarious. What’s the funniest thing you’ve overheard a child say at church?


  1. Jenny says

    4 year old Hope goes up to her mom, who is talking to the pastor, after the church service. "Mom, my tummy hurts." The pastor, seeing a teaching moment, says, "Hope, maybe we should pray about it and ask Jesus to help your stomach." Hope replies, "Oh, no Pastor, my tummy doesn't need Jesus, it needs McDonald's."

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