Tis the Season for OMC!

The following post is a guest post written by Meredith Teasley.  It was originally posted on Kids Ministry 101

That's right. It's the perfect time for OMC! Shaving cream and water balloons in winter? Nah... but how about silly string, candy canes, and wise men?  We are all about some Christmas in the LifeWay Kids office, and CentriKid's very own OMC has a Christmas Edition just for you.  So, in this season of merriment and joy, let me tell you about it...

If you love CentriKid Camp’s Organized Mass Chaos (OMC) and you love Christmas, then you are missing out.  We created a CHRISTMAS OMC version, perfect for your children’s ministry Christmas party!  Just pick up an OMC game kit from your nearest LifeWay Store (unless you already have one) and download our FREE Christmas-themed task cards from centrikid.com/omc.  You’ll also find a supply list there for this fun holiday version of OMC!  If you’ve never been to CentriKid to play OMC, no worries!  A DVD is included with the kit that gives you all the game instructions.  Your kids are sure to have loads of fun getting into the Christmas spirit with this unique and high-energy game.

Here's what you need:

  • A gym or large multipurpose room
  • Several adult volunteers
  • Fun Christmas music
  • The OMC Game Kit and your FREE Christmas Tasks
  • A few additional supplies
  • Christmas hats
  • Lots of excited kids (works best for elementary-aged kids who can read, or helps who can assist with reading!)

Be sure to send us a link to photos from your Christmas OMC game! Questions? Ask them in our comments section and we will be happy to help you out! Also comment and let us know how you'll be using the OMC game this Christmas.

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