Hands-on Learning at the Preschool Missions Global Expo

Hey y’all, I’m writing today to tell you about something really neat for our 3s–Kindergartners this summer! The missions materials located in the VBS 2013 3s–Kindergarten Rotation Pack have been redesigned! We hope you will love the lessons as much as we do!

Kids will take a break from roller coasters and come to the Missions Global Expo to learn about the work of two missionary families—the Pillays in Norwich, Connecticut, and the Flooks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They also will experience some of the cultures of these locations.

Look for these new daily features!
—As kids enter the Global Expo, they will watch a short video clip of Shaun and Deshni Pillay, North American Mission Board missionaries serving in Norwich, Connecticut. These transplanted South Africans have come to the United States to tell people about Jesus Christ!

—After teachers divide kids into two groups, each group will experience some of the culture of Connecticut or Bolivia. They might “shop” at a Bolivian marketplace, play “Thunka,” or play “Red Light, Green Light” while pretending to drive a church van. These hands-on activities will get kids up and moving!

—Next, the two groups will swap so that everyone gets to try out both activities. Then kids will take a break and watch a short video clip featuring the work of International Mission Board missionaries Steve and Marilee Flook and their family, followed by prayer.

—One More Thing! This year’s hands-on mission project, “Colossal Care Kits,” is easy to do and will directly impact people in your area who are homeless, poor, or otherwise don’t have much. There are a couple of suggestions for distribution of these personal care kits.

So, why did we change the missions materials? That’s easy! First, we are so committed to helping preschoolers learn about the world around them and the need that people everywhere have for Jesus. And, we want to make learning about missions fun! Also, we want to make it so easy for your teachers that teaching these materials will be a priority! We hope you have great experiences this summer with your kids and missions!


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