'Tis the Season - And I'm Not Talking Holidays!

It's as exciting and terrifying as stepping up to the gate of the world's fastest roller coaster! When all the whirling, swirling parts of this ginormous ride we call VBS come sliding into the gate and the first Super Sampler is ready to be shipped ... whoosh!!! What a rush! The behind the scenes work of countless people and thousands of hours is represented in this amazing collection of work. About this time of year Candy Gibson, our phenomenal friend in procurement, and I go out to the warehouse where a great bunch of folks make sure the Samplers and Super Samplers are assembled in the best way possible.

Gathering all the parts for the VBS 2013 Super Sampler

We take our lists and check and double check and triple check.

Double and triple checking our lists

We line things up just the way they need to go.

Debbie Carter knows assembly like no one else. And has THE BEST smile. It's worth the trip to meet her!

Debbie makes sure we get it right!

The final check is done and the first official Super Sampler of the season is ready to go!!!

Way to go team!

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