VBS Themes - A Journey of Thanksgiving Blessings

Recently someone requested a list of previous LifeWay VBS themes. While looking over the themes I realized the subtitles create an appropriate prayer for the week of Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that when overwhelmed with fear, I can face the situation by trusting God. (2013)

I am grateful that daily I am allowed to encounter God's awesome power. (2012)

I am grateful that my faith and life connect in ways that humble and amaze. (2011)

I am grateful that when I have questions that no one can answer, God can and does. (2010)

I am grateful that every aspect of my life - my opportunities, skills, talents, joys, and sorrows - come back in profound ways to Jesus. (2009)

I am grateful that God's Truth provides an unshakable foundation for my life and future. (2008)

I am grateful for the many heroes of the faith God has placed in my life, and surrounds me with daily. (2007)

I am grateful God has placed in me the courage to meet this adventure called life. (2006)

I am grateful that when faced with decisions, God has never failed in showing me which way I should go. (2005)

As the VBS team prepares for VBS 2014 and beyond, I am grateful God has given us the opportunity to serve Him and serve you in this great ministry we call Vacation Bible School.

I am most assuredly grateful for each you and your VBS teams as you challenge boys and girls, teenagers, and adults to race to the Son (2004), crack the character code (2003), be on expedition with the One True God (2002), search for the secrets of the stone tables - God's Word (2001), dive to the depths of God's faithfulness (2000), accept the ultimate Good News challenge (1999), embrace the ultimate Good News adventure (1998), all on the mission to tell others about Jesus (1997).

Best wishes for a blessed and Christ-centered Thanksgiving.




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