Happy Birthday & Thanks for the Props

A birthday shout out goes out to my sweet son who is turning 13 today! Not only is today his birthday, but we are giving him a "thank you" shout out for helping with two of the props for the video drama for Colossal Coaster World. Yep, his dear ole mom roped him into putting together two roller coasters for the video this summer. Now in my defense when I volunteered him, I hadn't seen the roller coasters, the 5,000 pieces that would need to go together, or the instruction books with no words just pictures. I just thought, "Hey, he likes to build things with legos this should be a piece of cake." Well, two eight hour days and 5, 000 (or more) pieces later we had the finished products ready for the video shoot. Take a look at the following behind the scenes pictures of the work in progress.

Just the beginning!


Did I mention that I also wrangled his dad into helping?


Adding the finishing touches.


Final inspection.


Look for these "colossal" coasters in the video drama next summer.


  1. says

    I am leading a team to Penang Malaysia to train and lead a vbs in 1 week. I just was informed by Ann ,at Lifeway, that all the flight logs had be accidently shipped to another country. The pastor at this church had ordered them in June. I am trying to see if anyone out there would have flight logs for all 3 ages that they would be willing to donate to the the trip. If needed our church would purchase them for this church in Penang. How can I this request out? Help!!!!
    We can do the vbs without but I want to try everything I can to have them. I would need 25 - 30 of each age groupe.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Bob Howell
    Preschool/ Children Minister
    Memorial Heights Bapt. Church
    Claremore, Ok

  2. Kelley Taylor says

    Which K-Nex set was this? I'm interested in using this as a set piece for our D-Now (Youth VBS!) in February.

    • Carol says

      We used the K'Nex Rippin' Rocket Roller Coaster and the K'Nex #2 Corkscrew Coaster. The Rippin' coaster was the bigger of the two and the Corkscrew Coaster sat right in the middle of it. You can check them out on amazon.com.

      Good luck and hope your event goes well.

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