A Fun New Collection!

I love to collect things! Do you? Over the years I’ve collected postcards, thimbles, pencil leads (don’t judge!), rocks, cardinals, buttons … the list could go on and on. I have a collection of collections! Kids love to collect things, too., especially if each item reminds them of something special.

Our VBS 2013 Daily Collectible Buttons are next on my “gotta-have” collection list! These cute little buttons are about 7/8-inch in diameter and have a safety pin back. Each day's button will help kids wear a reminder of what they learned at VBS.

On day one, the "Trust God" button will remind kids that God has not given them a spirit of fearfulness. The days two and three "Power" and "Love" buttons are reminders of what God has promised. When kids are challenged to tap into God's spirit of sound judgement, the "wisdom" button will remind kids to use wise self-control. The day five button is the 2 Timothy 1:7 reference as kids review this week long key verse. A sixth pin with the Colossal Coaster World™ logo makes the set complete!

Do you like to collect buttons? How do you display them? We'd love to see pictures!



  1. Jared Prewitt says

    Every year we give a pin each day to all our leaders who complete a daily devotional before coming to VBS. It's a way to let the kids know that their leaders are learning, too, and it holds us all accountable (we wear them on our lanyards). We'll use these for that purpose-thanks for the great new product!

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