It's Time for Candy!

Today a lot of people will be thinking about candy! So, I took a poll of my VBS co-workers to see what their favorite fall candy is. You know, the candy you only eat during the fall because that's when it is the best!

My favorite is candy corn. For some reason, I never eat it any other time of year.


So, here's what my teammates said:

Katie - caramel apple suckers

Debbie - Kit Kats

Pam - the little pumpkins that taste like candy corn, and you have to eat the stems first!

Joyce - a toss-up between Almond Joy and Butterfinger

Courtney - mini M&M's

Rhonda - candy corn!! It has to be eaten correctly... one layer at a time... tip to end... white, orange, yellow!

Carol - Resse Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Gordon - Peeps!

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