Expect Big Things

We had the pleasure of hearing from Tom Eliff, President of the International Mission Board, in chapel yesterday here at LifeWay.  He had many wonderful things to say, and what he said resonated with what we all do as part of the ministry of Vacation Bible School.

Tom said that many of our prayer lives would amount to a thimble full of requests, but that when it comes to spreading the good news of the gospel, we can and should expect BIG things from God in response to our prayers.

We can be sure that when we ask for big things, God will:

  •  Respond in a way that is consistent with His character
  •  Respond in a way that reflects His capacity

Are you expecting BIG things from God for VBS 2013?


  1. says

    Yes, as VBS director, I am expecting BIG things from God for VBS 2013! Every year we get 20-25 kids. Each year none of them come back except for the next vbs program. I'm asking God to bring 40!! Everyone at the church doubts (God and me) that the church will ever get 40. So, they want to cut down the number of kids we plan for by at least 50%. I can tell you now, they are in for a big surprise! Please pray and thank God that we will get 40 in 2013 and that at least 10 kids would attend church regularly. Currently there are no youth that regularly attend the church except for my younger sister and brother, and I. Thank you and God bless!

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