Super Special Week!

It’s not just another Monday morning as usual. This is one of those Monday mornings when the sense of excitement about unexpected things to come fills the air. Writers are arriving and we are scurrying around putting last minute touches on all sorts of things. Believe it or not, VBS 2014 is underway.

So, this blog is a MAJOR prayer request. Several years ago VBS was written onsite in one week. Crazy sounding, isn’t it? But, the time has come to try it again. At 8:00 this morning we will begin, and by noon on Saturday, the basic elements of VBS should be written! Wow!

Please pray:

  1. For our writers that they will have creativity and focus.
  2. For our VBS team as we help brainstorm and think of new fun ideas.
  3. For health for all (people and computers!).
  4. And above all, that God will be glorified in all we do.




  1. Tara says

    I have recently thought that would be fun.. How does one go about becoming one of the writers for Lifeway's VBC curriculum.

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