Think Tank: Lorie's Perspective

Here's another look at Think Tank from Lorie Honeycutt. Lorie is no stranger to the VBS team. She has taught conferences for VBS Institutes and Previews and has written for past VBS. She's always been a great supporter of VBS and so glad to have her join us this year for think tank!

What did you learn about the VBS theme development process that you wish everyone knew? The personal commitment and care each of the LifeWay VBS team members exhibits to get the best possible theme. Each are burdened with the impact their work has on evangelism in the local church. They do not take the job lightly and put forth every effort and much personal sacrifice to get it right.

What was the most surprising thing about VBS theme development that you learned by being part of the Think Tank? As part of our orientation, we did a scavenger hunt around LifeWay to see how each division works to make a VBS theme successful. Needless to say, we had to go to almost every department! VBS requires the involvement and synergistic relationship with almost everyone at LifeWay. Those who do not personally touch a VBS item are most definitely aware and in prayer for its success. Considering the number of employees at LifeWay, this is HUGE!

What advice would you give to anyone who is invited to a future VBS Think Tank? If you are invited, say YES! Bring as many creative ideas as you can, but don't be married to one idea. There are many reasons why a theme doesn't make it to print so go with an open mind, a willing heart, and the ability to think 'outside the box.' It is a blessing to have had a very small part in the big VBS picture.

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