Foto Friday: Welcome to Fall!

Joyce Frazier

Well, Autumn officially begins tomorrow--September 22. And in Tennessee, that means cooler, shorter days; God’s handiwork manifested in all nature around us; and lots and lots of football. Also, we begin to see the arrival of wonderful homemade delicacies, perfected in the South, that can only be seen at this time of year.  Being in a Fall frame of mind, I decided to poll some of my VBS teammates to determine a few of their favorite things!


Lynne Norris
Lynne Norris

Favorite Fall scene?  A chilly morning in Cades Cove (NOTE: Cades Cove is in the Great Smoky Mountains.)

Favorite Fall sound?  a crackling fire

Favorite Fall scent?  a spiced apple candle 

Favorite Fall treat?  homemade soup



Debbie Ruth

Favorite Fall scene? watching a University of Tennessee football game (It's football time in Tennessee!)

Favorite Fall sound? a crackling campfire, kids playing outside

Favorite Fall scent? anything cinnamon

Favorite Fall treat? going to an outdoor craft festival; my mom's homemade apple butter


Rhonda VanCleave

Favorite Fall scene? yellow leaves on a tree against an October blue sky

Favorite Fall sound? the whistle of a football ref to start the game

Favorite Fall scent? cinnamon

Favorite Fall treat? candy corn or anything pumpkin

These are just a few of my favorite things about fall—homemade chili; viewing miles and miles of beautiful leaves; going to the pumpkin patch with my 7-year-old grandson; seeing early-morning or late-afternoon fog lifting from the surrounding hills and mountains; cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin smells all around me; fresh Fall vegetables and fruit; the chill of a cool morning; the sound of kids playing in freshly-raked leaves; the warmth of a roaring fire in the fireplace; and the fact that my mowing days are over until next year!!!!

I don’t know what Fall looks like in your little corner of the world, but I just can’t believe  that it could be any more beautiful than it is here in Tennessee.

Let us hear from you. Feel free to answer our questions about your favorite things and maybe attach a photo or two of you enjoying this time of year.

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