Brainstorming a Colossal Coaster World Photo Booth!

I've been thinking about ways to bring Colossal Coaster World to life inside the church building.  Besides the scream-inducing, stomach-churning that takes place during the plunge of a really fun coaster ride, one of my favorite feelings about riding a coaster is feeling the wind on my hair and face! We've had to re-create that feeling for a few of our 2013 photo and video shoots lately!

One way to take your 2013 VBS photo booth to the next level might be to bring in a strong fan or leaf blower to make sure your kiddos get the "wind blown" experience for their photos-- it makes for some really fun pictures!  What do you think? Swap some of your ideas with us, and check out some fun DIY roller coaster photo booths!  (And stay tuned to purchase the official Colossal Coaster World VBS 2013 Stand Up.)


  1. says

    I hadn't thought about the fan, but that will make for more realistic photos. Now is a good time to find fans on end-of-season clearance sales. Since our photo backdrop is set up in the church's dining area a leaf blower would be too noisy.

  2. says

    its a great idea, but what about a coaster seat costume with the kids with hands in the air, like they are really on a roaller coaster. great idea and thanks for sharing, i may have to share this with our head decorater.

  3. says

    Will do photo shoot at a real coaster site........create idea is good......
    create car.......for photos here..........sanctuary desgin will have coaster with car and photo cut outs of pastor and other staff in it...create illusion of real coaster on tracks..

  4. Carol A Gilmore says

    Sounds like a great idea. Kids love getting their pictures taken and then seeing them on the "big screen." I think we'll take the pictures and have them playing each night as the kids come in. We do not march in because the mosquitoes would be right with us (in central Florida!!!) Love getting other's idea to bounce off of. Thanks!

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