Happy Quiznos Day!

We are privileged at the LifeWay office in Nashville to have an employee cafe  that is open for breakfast and lunch. The cafe is convenient (especially on rainy days), nutritious, competitively priced, and usually quick.

While the menu varies, most days are pretty much the same with a salad bar, pizza station, grill, and meat and vegetable station. It is good. It meets a need. It is safe and predictable.

But occasionally, on a day like today, it is Quiznos Day at the Cafe! Let the party begin!

On Quiznos Day you get to the cafe when they open the doors or else you stand in a line that snakes out the door and into the lobby. All it takes is one person to return to their office floor with a Quiznos sandwich and the word spreads. People shout the news down the hall. People talk about it in the elevator. People who never step foot in the cafe run with haste trying to be the first in line.

Is it that Quiznos is so much better than the daily fare? No, not really. It is just different and makes lunch seem a little more special.

Vacation Bible School is like (or at least can be like) Quizos Day. Most churches offer great Bible student 52 weeks of the year. It is not that the Bible stories and study offered during VBS are better than those offered each Sunday. They are just different and as a result seem just a little more special.

To all of you who love VBS like to make it special, a very Happy Quiznos Day!


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