Foto Friday. . .Zippin Pippin


Did you know that I'm from the Memphis TN area? Did you know that I had never been to Graceland until I moved to Nashville and met my wife and took her there while we were visiting my parents? Do you know what roller coaster was Elvis Presley's favorite? The Zippin Pippin! I got to enjoy riding the Zippin Pippin (at Libertyland) several times when I was a kid growing up in the Memphis area.

Unfortunately, Libertyland is a thing of past but thankfully, the Zippin Pippin lives on! Enjoy the video of our (Elvis and me) favorite ride!

Thank you, thank you very much!



  1. Avery Turley says

    I love it, i am Elvis impersonator-----also VBS director in Jefferson county association-former school teacher-present pastor of Mansfield Gap Baptist Church.
    P.S, Keep up the good work!
    -Rev. Avery Turley

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