Time to Start Thinking VBS 2013

Now that Labor Day is behind us and we Southerners have packed away our summer whites, it is officially time to start thinking VBS 2013! Of course, most of you reading this post are like me and have been thinking (dreaming, contemplating, planning) VBS 2013 since at least June 4!

There are two great opportunities to be one of the first to see, touch, and experience the fun of Colossal Coaster World.

The first is KMC (Kids Ministry Conference) at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, October 8-10.  Just click on KMC to learn more.

The second opportunity is at one of four VBS Preview locations in January and February. VBS Preview is your Fast Pass to Colossal Coaster World. You don't want to miss it! Click on VBS Preview to learn more.

Hold on tight! This ride is ready for take off!

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