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Back in July, I wrote a blog that said we were having think tank for VBS 2014. We want you to meet a few of the people who came and get their take on think tank. Bill Gammon from Georgia was recommended by one of our team members, and you might also recognize him as a previous VBS Geek of the Week. I asked Bill a few questions about his experience and here are his answers:

1. What did you learn about the VBS theme development process that you wish everyone knew?  "There are red flags!!!! Issues of culture, biblical focus, the goal of reaching the lost, and geographical dynamics are taken into account."  Yes, there are red flags! Each theme idea is carefully evaluated and has to pass through a series of filters for it to be considered a possible theme.

 2. What was the most surprising thing about VBS theme development that you learned by being part of the Think Tank?  "The intensity of the process and the broad spectrum that a theme can cover." The process of choosing a new theme can be intense because we have a short time to accomplish our goal.

3. What advice would you give to anyone who is invited to a future VBS Think Tank?  "Pray, have folks praying for you, have fun, and let the Holy Spirit work!"


  1. Charles Williams says

    Wow! What an opportunity. I would love to be a part of this is offered again. I tell my VBS team and folks in my church that just having the opportunity to attend the preview events sheds so much light on the themes and makes everything come together for me. For us, VBS is a year round project as I am sure for many. It never stops. As part of a curriculum development team in the school district I work, I understand how much time and thought it takes to produce curriculum, etc as you guys do. We are thankful for your team of awesome folks who put so much heart and dedication into each theme. It is a privilege to use, share, and bring to life te Lifeway VBS materials.

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