From the Fab Five to Final Two!

Just when you thought the voting was over!!!

Last week's vote resulted in two strong contenders for the title of motions leader for LifeWay's VBS 2013 events. Our budget won't allow us to take both ladies on tour, so we need you to help us choose between these two great VBS music leaders. The final result will be announced next Tuesday, August 21. I promise!  Click here to view the videos.


  1. says

    mmm obviamente nadie remplazara a Jeff, pero por un video no se debe definir a la persona que sera encargada de esto, yo creo que deben contemplarse aspectos tales como la relación personal con Dios, el ministerio al que ha sido llamado, además del trato con los pequeños y la forma de motivar a los pequeños de una entrega total de alabanza a nuestro Padre Celestial.

  2. Jessica Lancaster says

    I didn't make the final two, but happy to say I was one of the fab five...thanks for the opportunity and the tickets! I'll see you at Ridgecrest!

  3. Nora Akins says

    I voted in the first poll but this site will not allow me to vote in the run off. Keeps telling me"Thank you. We have already counted your vote."
    Please help!

  4. Erika Gallman says

    I voted last week, but this week when I try to vote, it is telling me my vote has already been counted. I want to vote again. Please advise!

  5. vbsguy says

    Nora and Erika, we're not sure what the problem is. I received the same message, but I have checked with others who also voted last week and their votes were counted. The vote count is rising so obviously votes are being counted. Since the poll question is different from last week it is counted as a separate poll so there should be no attachment to the previous poll. I've asked a techie friend to check in to it.

  6. Harold and Doris Smith says

    Jennifer Moore is not only a beautiful, enthusiastic, vivacious young woman who loves the Lord passionately as well as children but she's as beautiful on the inside as the outside!

  7. VBS Nut says

    Everyone has been great in these videos, but I voted for #1. She's spunky, fun to watch, she's actually teaching the motions here, and looks like she's having lots of fun being on stage. I'd love to learn from her!

  8. Chas says

    They are both good. When I watched the five contestants I knew it would be between #5 and #1... I voted for #1 however, because she looks like she knows how to get the kids involved in having fun, and that's what VBS is all about!

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