Behind-the-Scenes Video: Colossal Coaster World Set Creation!

I am so excited to be bringing you this video!  Six of our designers have been working SO hard to put together large-scale sets for the marketing photo/video shoot that we do every year.  They let me hang out while they put their talents to the test and created some awesome stuff!  You'll get to see  lots of pictures from the shoot later this week, I promise!


What questions do you have for our designers about set creation?  Bring 'em on, and I'll see how many I can get answered for you!


  1. linda says

    Would like to get started on decorations now!!! I can start on the (not sure what you call it) but the swing rotating on the christmas tree stand. Can you sent me the plans or instructions?
    linda lynch
    FBC Pearsall, TX

  2. Christine says

    I loved when you put the step by step videos up last year. We used it to do our decorating I am glad to see you are getting video out earlier this year. We can work during the winter on these ideas our youth from church are getting more involved with decorating this way. Showing the video as you are doing it helps us to know what we are doing easier than the step by step in the directors guide. Keep up the great work I'll keep watching for more updates!!

  3. Christine says

    What did u use to make the motor for the ferris wheel I would like to have one for our vbs I didn't get to see what it was last year and I can't tell for sure what it is by picture of back of ferris wheel . Thank you

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