The Joy of VBS

Being able to work on VBS all year long is such a great job! But the even better part is being able to teach VBS in my local church and watch the kids enjoy the products that I have spent many hours working on! I teach VBX each year, and I love my preteens. This year we averaged about 22 preteens, so we had a great group. When you teach VBS, you never know who will be in your class because people come from all over the community.

This year we had a very sweet girl come everyday, but she was not a member of our church. One day during Bible study I asked several different kids to look up Scripture passages, and she was one of the ones I asked. She looked up at me and said, “Miss Candace, I don’t know how to use a Bible, I’ve never used one before.” How often do we assume that all the children we come in contact with just know how to use a Bible? I was so glad that she wasn’t embarrassed to tell me, and then I got the privilege of showing her how to find verses in her Bible. Isn’t that what VBS is really all about? Sharing God’s word with those who come in the church?

We had a great rest of the week. The kids had fun in rec, ate lots of snacks, and made crafts. Friday night was Family Night and the kids did a great job performing the musical. Thankfully, the following Sunday, that same sweet girl came to Sunday School. We never know when we are going to minister to those we come in contact with, but VBS this year will always remind me to never take for granted the joy that comes with teaching children about Jesus.

Worship Rally Set

Worship Rally with planes flying in the background!

Victoria Falls

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