Foto Friday...product testing!

One of the joys of my job is getting to test some potential VBS products and promotional samples. Not all of the samples become actual VBS products and some change from what we initially see to the final product. Occasionally I get my daughter to help me! So, with that said, enjoy!
These are just a few samples of things we looked at. They may not necessarily become a promotional product.
My daughter testing some glasses. Do you think they are TOO big?
What do you think about my new glasses? TOO flashy?
I gotta run to catch the next ride! ! !
Rhonda and Carol "modeling" some sample shirts.

EDIT: the shirts are prototypes for the leader shirt. It will be solid color (not the 2 tone. ..believe me, we were surprised when that one came in!) with the coaster car coming down into the pocket. As for the material, they are actually very breathable and a light material. Also, don't worry, will have the t-shirt too!

Finally, I missed posting Rhonda's theme park photo from last week and I wanted to make sure you had to opportunity to enjoy her family at Sea World! What a bunch of nuts! lol!

Have a blessed day!


  1. cecilia says

    I love the glasses, not so much the shirts. I get they are trying to follow a carnival theme, but not a huge fan of them! Sorry! Love the shamu pic lol!

  2. Darinda Noah says

    I think we should have tickets! Like Old Disney World, remember "E Ticket" rides! They were always the BEST! We all know that Salvation and Service to the King of Kings is the ultimate E Ticket!!!!! I like the pocket shirt, but it needs something...less of a bowling feel, I think with the logo that a solid color would be better. Love the colors in the logo!!!! And the coaster is my FAVORITE metaphor for faith.

  3. KAREN says

    don't like the shirts at all! I would love to a simulated rolercaoster picture prop simular to the whale the family is on. kids would love it

  4. says

    I like the flashing glasses, not a fan of the shirts, though. They look hot. I don't think you can beat a normal t-shirt for VBS. I personally am keeping all my shirts to make a quilt out of eventually.

  5. Candace says

    Thanks for all the comments. Just know that not all of these products will be available, some were only samples. And the shirts you see are samples for the leader shirts, but not necessarily the final design. Don't worry, there will still be VBS t-shirts!

  6. says

    The ligthed glasses are best. The others though fun are too big and probably would get in the way. i'm not a fan of collared shirts. Ever considered different styles for leader I've never purchased one because they are usually too exspensive! This summer's deal on the VBS T-shirts with personalization for free if you attended a traiing event and ordered by a certain date was A+++! Thanks!! Please continue this in 2013!!!

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