Shooting at Silver Dollar City®

I'm so glad that I finally can tell you we'll be shooting a portion of the VBS 2013 Worship Rally DVD at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, Missouri! They have been absolutely wonderful to work with, making everything as easy as possible for our team! When Bill Cox, the video director, and I made the first call to ask if they would consider our shooting there, one of the comments they made really impressed me: "We want you to know you have a partner in Christian ministry." Wow! We had not heard that from any other theme park! We knew right away we wanted to find a way to make their location work for us.

Did you see the blog I posted April 18, shortly after we visited our "secret" location? I included two photos as clues, but they were only portions of photos so it would be challenging to determine where we were!

This first photo is part of the building that houses one of their great roller coasters, "WildFire." I honestly think it may be the best roller coaster I've ever ridden! WildFire will be known as "Vaporizer 3000" in our video. Be on the lookout for it!

This second photo is the bumper that's on the front of WildFire.

We leave in just a few days to begin production there. I would truly appreciate your prayers for good weather, safe travel, and good health! Thanks!


  1. Mary Harvison says

    what is the ideas for the craft center? would love to hear from you as I like to start early, so to make it extra special for the children.

  2. Darla Denny says

    Wow! VBS themed here in our great city of Branson! Silver Dollar City is a great fun place. Would love to invite you to our church while you are here. Skyline Baptist Church. We are finishing up our Amazing Wonders Aviation decorations and start this week. Come see us!

  3. Kristy says

    Just wondering if you had the theme for the Bible Study rooms? (ex this year was Bible study at Victoria Falls) super excited about this theme!!

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