Club VBS Returns to the Rainforest!

Club VBS 2013 will be returning to the rainforest with Club VBS® Jungle Jaunt®! Pack your bags and get ready for an exciting, adventurous journey through the Amazon Rainforest. Travel through the Amazon region along narrow rainforest trails, over roaring rapids, and through dense woodlands as you lead kids to experience and respond to the One True God!

The Scripture passage for the week is Psalm 145:1-2 and the motto is "Praise Him! Trust Him! Follow Him! The One True God!"

During Club VBS, kids will learn that God is One Amazing Creator, One Miraculous Provider, One Powerful Healer, One Living Savior, One Lord of All!

Club VBS can be another option for your VBS, however we are hearing TONS of great reports about how Club VBS is great for backyard Bible clubs, mission trips, camps, and for filling that weekly summer program slot for kids! How do you use Club VBS? We'd LOVE to know!

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