1. C says

    Coasters? Could it be an amusement park theme. Maybe we will travel the US in search of giant coasters?

  2. Jane D. says

    Maybe we'll get on a train and travel to different amusement parks. Or maybe we're going back in time to a past theme or themes.

  3. JosephBoyd says

    From the clues I surmise a carnival theme, canivals and fairs usually set up in parking lots, candy is generally present hence the jaw breakers in the went to the mall clue, in the visions of past present and future these remind me of small prizes given out at fairs, now for the spider clue what's more terrifying! frightening! horrifying! and terrorizing! than being on a rollar coaster.


    That looks like the frame to Silver Dollar City's "Wildfire" roller coaster!!
    I am sticking with theme park.

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