2013 Theme Reveal Video Clues: Part I

We want to make sure those of you who aren't on Facebook have access to our 2013 Theme Reveal video clues!!  Here are the first three that have been released, and you'll have access to more as they're released within the week!


  1. Karen says

    If some people can see a big cat and a big roll of yarn- where is it? We can't find that picture.

  2. says

    Hey Karen--

    I think someone was just making a joke. They think one of the answers to the written clues has to do with a giant ball of twine, and their guess was that we were having a "Cat" themed VBS. Funny guesses!

    Keep looking for clues!

  3. C says

    Since coasters are definitely needed in clue15.5 and many clues imply something BIG, maybe a huge, colossal roller coaster theme park. It would explain the anticipation in the parking lot.

  4. says

    Based on Matthew 4:19-22. Flying fish. Locations include Kitty Hawk, Baja California, Chesapeake Bay, Bangkok and possibly western Africa (Cape Verde).

  5. Brittany Cole says

    Coffee left three rings....Maybe a three ring circus! Inflatables, in the parking lot, parade balloons, etc.

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