VBS in a Cemetery? Now that experiential!

So, have you given much thought to conducting VBS for youth? I sure hope so because VBS is not only a great way to tell teens about Jesus Christ, but it is a unique opportunity to have an unexpected adventure in the process.

Sue Harmon, tireless VBS promoter for the South Carolina Baptist Convention, shared the following note from Laura Owens of Westminster Baptist Church, Westminster, South Carolina.

"I wanted to share with you how our Youth-Style VBS went during Spring Break. We had a great, although exhausting week! I didn't think it was possible to wear out middle school boys but I did! We averaged 12 youth and adults through the week, which worked great for transportation and for Bible study discussions.

On Monday of the week we picnicked at Issaqueena Falls and acted out the parting of the Red Sea using blue tablecloths. The youth then painted rocks to remind them of God's power over creation.

On Tuesday we went to the Greenville Zoo as we learned about Daniel in the Lion's Den. Unfortunately, the lions were sleeping and not very threatening, but we were able to pose with some bronze lions. The boys also loved mimicking the monkeys!

On Wednesday we held Bible study in the middle of a creek with youth sitting on both sides of the river bank. The idea was to show that sin separates us from God just like they were separated from their friends as they sat on opposite banks. At the end of the lesson I walked across a bridge above the river to demonstrate that Jesus is our bridge and connection to God.

Our recreation activity was an egg toss, which spread partners farther apart just as sin separates us from God and makes it difficult for us to have a growing relationship with Him.

On Thursday we went to a nearby cemetery to discuss the resurrection of Jesus. We also talked about what will happen when we die for those who are believers and for those who are not. The students were a little uneasy about being in a cemetery, but it provided the perfect backdrop for discussing God's power over death.

On Friday we held our final Bible study at the church as we discussed ways God wants to use our lives for His glory.

Our week culminated with a trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia, where we watched a different kind of light show on the side of a granite rock.

Our youth were also able to make several decorations for the children's VBS week which thrilled our children's teachers since it is one less thing for them to worry about.

Our youth also marked their Bibles with step-by-step instructions on how to lead a child to Christ, which I pray they will get an opportunity to use during school or this summer during Children's VBS.

The week was truly incredible, and was a great bonding experience for the youth who had recently joined our youth group."

To discover more about this incredible experiential VBS, check out "A Fresh Take on Youth VBS" from the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Special thanks to Sue for sharing this great story.


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