Preteens are a unique group of kids. They are not quite in the youth department, but are feeling too old for the children's department. So what do you do? You use VBX! It is VBS designed especially for preteens.

I have taught VBX at my church for several years now and I have loved it. There are many different ways to do VBX. It is designed so that the preteens can have their own unique VBS experience that occurs at the same time as VBS. The VBX curriculum offers Bible study time, recreation suggestions, and craft suggestions. There are breakout times scheduled for music, missions, and snacks if your church offers these. My church has worked out a schedule where the preteens rotate to missions and music first thing in the morning while the other ages are in Bible study. This way the preteens have the opportunity to participate in these rotations, yet it does not affect the rotation schedule for the rest of the classes. After these rotations, we head to our room to have our own Bible study, recreation, and craft time. This schedule may not work for every church, but we have found that it is what works best for us. That's the best part of VBX, you can make it what you need for your situation.

Some churches choose to use the normal VBS rotation with preteens and that is totally fine! You can still use the VBX curriculum with no problem! Just do the activities labeled, "The Core" and rotate to the other activities. Just remember that no matter what schedule you use with your preteens in VBS, show them that Jesus loves them and so do you.



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    This is our first year doing VBX. We decided to have the 5 & 6 graders rotate on their own. They will start with music and then worship, bible study, and crafts, missions, and snack will be at the same time. Then end with recreation. All other ages will start with bible study and rotate though out the morning in the other rotations and then end with worship. We added an extra 30 minutes so that we can accomplish this. Can't wait to see what God has in store for our Church. Our VBS is not until the last week in June.

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