A Movement Called VBS

A few days ago I purchased my first pair of TOMS shoes - grey classics. Now I know some of you might be thinking I'm a little too old and definitely not hip enough to wear such shoes, but hey, you are as young as your feet feel, and mine are feeling exceedingly young today!

Upon opening the box I found a tag that proclaimed that I am now part of a movement and should share this information proudly! So I'm sharing.

I have bought plenty of shoes in my life, but this is the first pair that proclaimed me a member of a movement. My point here is not to promote a particular brand of shoes, so I'll let you figure out the "movement" for yourself. What I do want to promote is the idea of a movement - or a group of people banding together to promote a commonly held belief or passion.

Vacation Bible School is a movement that began in 1898 when Mrs. Walker Hawes, a doctor's wife from the East side of New York City, obediently responded to God's call to minister to the neighborhood children who were in desperate need of organized activities.

Here we are 114 years later continuing not only the dream God planted in her heart, but continuing the passion of reaching boys and girls, teenagers, and adult for Jesus Christ through the ministry of VBS. The methods have changed over the years, but the message has thankfully remained the same.

Millions upon millions of people have been recipients of the message and have experienced a personal encounter with Jesus Christ as a result of the faithfulness of Mrs. Walker Hawes and the many - including you - who have followed in her footsteps.

You are part of a movement! Proclaim it proudly!


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