Foto Friday. . .Clip Art Central!

I've been checking over the number of views on our VBS blog and it's been fun seeing what you have been viewing and what seems to be the popular subjects. Theme reveal or anything involving 2013's theme seems to be popular.

The clip art blogs seem to be very popular! So I thought I would create this blog to become a "one-stop" location for the clip art. Below you find links to all the clip art blogs I have created for VBS 2012, Amazing Wonders Aviation. I hope this helps!

Blog 1: Clip Art

Blog 2: But Wait, There's More Clip Art

Blog 3: Surprise Clip Art

Blog 4: Club Clip Art

Blog 5: EXPO Foam Plane

Blog 6: More Clip Art?

Blog 7: Black & White Clip Art

Also, don't forget our Clip Art Downloadable!

Lastly, I was forwarded a comment asking for the Preschool Daily Session Titles. Well, here they are!



ENJOY! ! !


  1. Sheila Gardner says

    Is there clip art for the cockpit scene on the administrative guide for directors book? I would love to have that!! Thanks for all the extras!

  2. Mina J says

    Are there images of the various wonders that we can make into a transparency to trace and paint. We don't build sets for VBS because we can't store them. Help!!! This is my first time using Lifeway materials and so far...

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