Sneak Peek Week - Previews 2013

Can you believe it! VBS 2013 Previews begin ten months from this weekend and it's time to get in line for tickets!

We will be giving you the 411 concerning locations, schedules, ticket pricing, etc. on June 4, but for those of you who like to make plans early here is what you need to know.

Ridgecrest Preview - January 11-12 (Ridgecrest Conference Center)
Fort Worth Preview - January 18-19 (Travis Avenue Baptist Church)
Nashville Preview 1 - January 31-February 1 (LifeWay Christian Resources)
Nashville Preview 2 - February 1-2 (LifeWay Christian Resources)
Orlando Preview - February 15-16 (First Baptist Church Kissimmee)

We are still working on details, but we just might be making an announcement about a first-ever one-day Preview scheduled for January 26. This is truly sneak peek information since most of our event team is seeing this information for the first time themselves.

Registration opens June 4 so get the dates of your favorite location on the calendar, invite a friend or two, and be ready to join the fun!


  1. jason smith says

    Hey jerry been to four vbs preiviews this year already for ama ,and have one more scheduled. Acutally got to teach one for our association ,that was fun. This preview for jan 26 is that correct because it is after the first conf or did you mean june 26 if so that is really cool . Put me down for this year cant wait but no jeff it is not going to be the same...i want him back already . as well as 1000's of others i know . we will see how the new lifeway employees do it this year :(. Im sure thay are tallented people but .. well you know . hope too see you soon. thanks for all your hard work on this passion we all have for amazing vbs and to God be the glory..

  2. Ron Henderson says

    Anxiously looking towards the 2013 VBS annoucement, but concerned - without Jeff will Lifeway VBS be the same, why change what is working and been successful at our church. Key VBS decision makers at our church are upset and concerned about the change. Many have suggested looking into other options next year. It has been hard to seperate our disappointment in Lifeway's decision versus keeping an open mind.

  3. Sandy Savage says

    Jerry, just wanted to share I ordered the VBS music for the adult choir called Worthy. You might want to let everyone know just in case they want to order it. I talked to the music department at 1-800 368-7421 and ordered it for $29.99. It is the CD with the music. Our adult choir will sing it and our children will sing along with them. I think it is a beautiful song. Thanks for all you do. Sandy

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