Foto Friday … Digital Clip Art Download!!!

Hi everyone from sunny Orlando (actually Kissimmee)! I am really excited to finally let you know about our new digital download. . .VBS 2012: Digital Clip Art. I’ve talked to you about  the other digital downloads we have.

VBS 2012: Promotional Banner Art Files

VBS 2012: Quick Scene™ Aviation Hangar Supersized Backdrop Art Files

VBS 2012: Quick Scene™ Amazing Wonders Super Duper Sized Backdrop Art Files

Are you ready? Drumroll. . . . . . . .I present to you the VBS 2012: Digital Clip Art!!!

This digital clip art package includes pieces of theme related clip art plus 12 backgrounds, 16 borders, and 5 logos.

VBS 2012: Digital Clip Art (Download: ZIP)

Finally, I would like to share a special day with you all. Four years ago today, the Lord blessed my wife and I with our beautiful daughter, Sadie, who we adopted from China! Today is our Gotcha Day!!!



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