Foto Friday. . .Surprise Clip Art

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and that little guy saw his shadow, so that means six more weeks of winter. It's been nice here in Nashville with the highs in the 60s. . .I can handle six more weeks of this! 😀

Today is Friday, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 60s, so that can mean only one thing. . .Foto Friday! ! !

At our last Preview event here in Nashville, I had several clip art questions presented to me. One of the conferees asked me if we had any clip art of boys and girls in a pilot outfit. To be honest, I couldn't remember.

You see, some how, I have become the clip art dude on the VBS team. I handle all the clip art in all of our products. . .and we have a LOT of clip art in different products! :O

You can see how I couldn't remember. I did some digging and found the boy pilot. He is going to be available in a digital clip art bundle that we are offering on that has not been released yet. I'm checking with our web team to see when the release date will be.

But I couldn't find the girl pilot. So this morning, I went through all of our artwork and create the girl pilot clip art.

Here's the surprise. . .I'm posting the boy and girl pilot clip art on today's blog! I hope you enjoy them!

The first 4 will be PNGs.

These 4 will be JPGs.

Don't forget to visit the EXPO photo booth foam plane template blog post!


Susen asked how to downsize the pilot's to get them to fit on one page. I'm not sure what program she is in, so I went ahead and placed both pilots (girl & boy) on one page. I hope this helps!




  1. Suzy Jameson says

    These are GREAT!!!
    Can't Wait!!! :o)
    Working on VBS now...even though it's 5mths away!!!
    Love love all the pre' helps!!!
    Thanks so...Much!!!
    HHBC Wauseon, OH

  2. Phillip says

    Attended the Nashville preview for the first time. What an awsome 2 days, it really got me in the mood to create VBS at our church,lots of ideas! Thanks for what you do!

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