Foto Friday. . .Preview Photos!

Wow! I can't believe we have already finished 2 VBS Preview events (Ridgecrest & Ft. Worth)! We (the VBS Team) actually have a week off. . .not from work though. . .we are working on VBS 2013 right now! I can't say what it is yet. 😛

We have a week to rest up before setting up and hosting the Nashville VBS Preview. There is still a little room for the Thursday/Friday Preview (Jan 27-28).

We also have room for the Kissimmee, FL Preview (Feb 17-18), SO COME ON DOWN! Or come on up. . .if you live south of Kissimmee! lol! It should be nice and sunny! (actually I don't know that) 😛

If you come down to Kissimmee, I'll tell you a joke that my 4 year old daughter told me! It's funny!

Today on Foto Friday, I wanted to share just some random photos from the Ridgecrest and Ft. Worth events.

I just flew in and. . .(my arms are not tired!) :P

Great Bible overview Melita!

I don't remember their names but they had me laughing SO HARD!
GREAT t-shirt! ! !
Um, I think the flight is full! :P
These kids were great! Love the hats!

I've had people ask and yes, you CAN purchase our Super Sized Hangar Backdrop artwork and then send it to a sign company to print larger!

There's always one on the flight! :D

Gordon is flying Stand-By!

Jerry delivering the message. Thanks Jerry!

***We have several people about the "how-to" instructions for the foam airplane in the photos. We created that for the events, so the instructions are not readily available but we are going to work up a blog post on the "how-to" instructions and get them to you!***


  1. Elaine Clark says

    I was privileged to be one of the volunteers at the Expo in Fort Worth. It was an awesome three days. I came back with great ideas for follow-up after VBS. I loved every session I got to attend. To meet the staff in person was just a huge blessing. I am so excited about this VBS. I know that God will use this plan in a great way to reach children and their parents as well.

  2. says

    Preview was sooooooooooooooooo much fun! I love all the VBS FANatics...there's nothing better than a bunch of children's leaders getting together to talk for 2 days about VBS...dare I say, "AMAZING!" The LifeWay VBS and Event Teams outdid themselves this year with a wonderful trip around the world to show us God's Power. Awesome God! Amazing Power!

  3. Keith Tyrrell says

    Thank you Sabrina! It was great meeting you too! Thanks for the kind words Cindy!

    Sabrina, are you talking about the backdrop on the stage behind the kids? If so, then you can actually purchase our Super Sized Backdrop artwork and then send it to any sign company/printer to have it printed a lot larger! Here's the link:

    You can purchase the the "Wonders" backdrop artwork too!

    The backdrop behind the foam airplane is the Super Duper backdrop and that is the same product as we have in the catalog.

  4. Keith Tyrrell says

    Tee, the foam airplane was created the night before we left for the Ridgecrest Preview events, so unfortunately the directions are not listed anywhere but I'm going to pull together some directions and post them on the blog. I'm also going to try to get a template posted on the blog too. (I'm hoping to have it posted by this Friday) 😉

  5. Karen Splawn says

    We had a wonderful time at the Preview Event in Fort Worth. How can we see the foam plane photos of our group?

  6. says

    Please Oh Please, Keith get up the directions and template for the foam airplane....Or just tell us how or what it is made from... That would make me happy...Thanks so much!

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