VBS Snack Queen Retires

In November, 2010, we posted a blog about Shirley Smith, our resident LifeWay VBS Snack Queen. You can read the blog at http://www2.lifeway.com/vbs2011/yourvbs/index.php/updates/article/1657. Shirley was a member of the VBS team for many years. She has the gift of hospitality and loves sharing through the gift of food.

Shirley is the one on the far left in this VBS team Christmas get-together from a few years ago.

With Shirley's talent and skills in baking, cooking, and making VBS snacks look wonderful, it’s not surprising that she would use her gifts to help with creating and testing VBS snacks since 1997. She began making themed snacks for our VBS writer’s conference and then moved on to helping with testing of the snacks in 2002. She has been very helpful in making snacks for photo shoots for the VBS Snack Rotation Cards and for the VBS catalog and Promo Video Shoots.

Sample of snacks made by Shirley for photo shoot

Even though some organizational restructuring moved Shirley off the VBS team a couple of years ago, she continued to be a vital part of getting VBS products to the printers on time and to help us when it was time to make VBS snacks. The VBS team is indebted to her for all the ways she has contributed to making VBS resources the best they can be to make a difference in the lives of boys and girls and their families.

Shirley with her family at her LifeWay retirement reception

Shirley will be retiring from LifeWay this Friday. The VBS team will miss her, but I am sure she will still be a vital part of making VBS snacks in the future! Thank you, Shirley, for all you have done and all you will continue to do for the kingdom! We love you!!

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