Foto Friday. . .EXPO!

Hi everyone from EXPO in Ridgecrest! We are busy busy busy trying to get everything ready for the grand opening later today!

Capt Keith & Capt Melita

I think at one point today we will have over 1000 people here! WOW!

Be sure to check our Facebook & Twitter page today and during the weekend for more photos.

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Elaine Clark says

    I bought some of the flight glasses. I can't picture the jackets and hats for us in Texas in July. We will possibley have to consider other ideas.

    I love the work you did on the decor. I have 22 cases of spider webs in black, glow in the dark green, and white that I plan to use in the lobby at church for the registration and information area. I haven't located the plastic clear ornaments yet. Any ideas?

  2. Sheila M. says

    One of the best I have been to in a long time! The sets were Amazing!
    Elaine, I heard you can get toe clear ones at Hobby Lobby or Michaels

    • Elaine Clark says

      I will go tomorrow and see. Thanks a bunch. I can hardly wait until ya'll get to Fort Worth. This old white haired woman is ready very excited!

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