On the Road Again! (well almost)

Road trip! This week we're packing our bags and heading for Ridgecrest, North Carolina. We may have just spent the holiday with kith and kin (what are kith, anyway?). But, we are just as excited to spend our January visiting with VBS friends we know and making lots of new ones!

The calendar may be showing 2012 for the first time, but we've been living 2012 for months now! And, it's time to clear the runway! Take off! Get this bird in the air! (Guess my brain is a bit overloaded with aeronautical phrases. It's an occupational hazard, I guess. I love themes!)

Will you be joining us? I sure hope so! This feels like that "I'm going on a trip" game. I'm going to VBS Previews and I'm taking an Amazing Wonders Aviation T-shirt. (That's my item starting with an "A"! Who can add something with a "B" and then a "C"... ??)

Come by the Expo and say hello! And, Happy New Year!


  1. Melissa Lasseter says

    We are on the road, too. Heading to Ridgecrest from Florida via Kentucky to pick up another passenger and we are bringing our BIBLES.

  2. Susan Ester says

    I will be seeing you all at the end of the month in Nashville..... I will be packing some... CLOTHING. (good thing, huh?) :O) See you there!

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