Christmas Tradition: Cookie Bake

One of my favorite things about Christmas is hearing the children’s choirs at my church sing. And one of my favorite Christmas traditions comes just a few days before that… Cookie Bake! Mrs. K, the 4th-6th grade choir director, has hosted Cookie Bake as long as I can remember. Every year, on the Thursday/Friday and Saturday before the children’s choir concert, Mrs. K invites kids to her house in small groups of 6-8 to make and decorate Christmas cookies (and sneak in a little more practice, too). And believe me, it is SO MUCH FUN!

You can imagine that Cookie Bake gets a little messy. Flour ends up everywhere! But Mrs. K doesn’t mind. In fact, she starts Cookie Bake with a sort of “flour initiation” in which she puts flour on everyone’s nose or cheeks or sometimes even hair (including her own).

Everyone works with a partner to make the dough. But once the dough is divided, each child gets to make his/her own cookies to take home. They sing around the table, laugh, and talk about everything under the sun. It is an incredible time of relationship building and memory making!

Does your church have special Christmas traditions or events for kids and families? What’s your favorite part?


  1. Cindy says

    I love this!!! For many years our church would do a community outreach Kids day where parents could go Christmas shopping. We set up rotations where kids had a variety of things to do and incorporated the real meaning of Christmas in a variety of ways. We always had at least one mission service project rotation.

  2. says

    Cindy, that's a great idea! I know some churches have a parent's night out in early December for the same reason... kids-free Christmas shopping. It's a great way to minister to families by meeting a very practical need. Nice work!

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