Decorating Music at the Matterhorn

Music at the Matterhorn

Bringing the majesty of the Matterhorn to your music rotation is more than possible. It’s downright easy when you follow the step-by-step instructions in the Decorating Made Easy book. Is it much work to create a monumental mountain like this? Yes, it is work. So don’t go at it alone. While you’re pondering how monumental to make your room decorations, perhaps these tips will help you with ideation.

Tip #1: The cover of your Music Rotation Leader Guide is great inspiration. You can use it to draw an outline of your own mountain and sky, and it will give you ideas for colors.

Tip #2: Decorate with the VBS 2012 Quick Scene Visual Pack Posters. Eight posters come in the pack, and one of them features the Matterhorn!

Tip #3: Don’t put those artificial trees back in the attic after Christmas! You’ll need them in a few months for VBS. Church members may be willing to loan their artificial trees for use, or you might find some really good sales after Christmas. Artificial trees are a great way to fill space and add atmosphere to your music room.

Tip #4: Accessorize. There are lots of ways enhance your room with accessories. Try hanging a silhouette of an airplane, or hang a few of the VBS 2012 Inflatable Airplanes. The VBS 2012 String Flags are also fun to hang. Add a VBS 2012 Soaring Stand Up to your room. Not only is it a fun room decoration, it doubles as a photo booth! Kids will want to pose for a photo with a friend as they fly over the Matterhorn.

With all these resources, creating an environment for your music rotation that excites kids will be a breeze!

Coordinates for the Matterhorn— 45˚ 58'35"N 7˚39'30"E


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