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I can’t remember the first time I met Clyde. As the Leadership Development and Church Growth Ministries Director for the Hawai’i Pacific Baptist Convention, he’s been a part of LifeWay’s VBS training for several years. One thing I love about Clyde and his team is the fact that they always (and I do mean ALWAYS) bring gifts from Hawai’i for their conference leaders! Chocolate covered macadamia nuts . . . Kona coffee . . . yum! Sharing the Aloha!

I have a fun Clyde story to tell before I turn this over to him. When we were preparing VBS 2008, Outrigger Island™, Clyde agreed to appear in a video we shot to help explain that Outrigger Island was not a Hawaiian theme, but an island theme in general. He did such a great job, and we had so much fun putting that together!

Shooting "Wiki Wiki"

After we finished shooting that clip, we asked Clyde to stay and participate in our choreography shoot with Jeff. During what is one of my favorite ABC songs, “Wiki Wiki,” Clyde is the person who caught the ukelele each time Jeff tossed it offscreen! Then, Clyde had to toss it back to Jeff with perfect timing (and perfect aim) as well!

This year, as we were shooting the Amazing Wonders Aviation™ Worship Rally DVD in Hawai’i, Clyde and his team were there to help—ready to assist in any way needed. They helped us find bicycles; provided us with a cooler, a generator, bottled water, and A TRUCK!

Keeping the radiator full!

(I was a bit concerned when Clyde offered the truck and then said, “The gas gauge doesn’t work, but I’m pretty sure it’s full. Also, you’ll have to stop every once in a while and fill the radiator with water.”)

And now, I turn this over to a great friend of the VBS Team, Clyde Kakiuchi.

1. What are your VBS roles (state, association, church, etc.)?  

I take our State team for VBS training, host a state VBS clinic, assist with church VBS, VBS training with summer missionaries.

2. What is your "geekiest" VBS moment?  

Boomerang Express theme - During a training event I threw the sponge/nerf boomerang out toward the audience while commenting that “It All Comes Back to Jesus.” Well, I missed the boomerang and it hit me in the head. The boomerang actually worked. I’m counting my blessings that the boomerang was made of sponge.

3. What makes you continue to do VBS year after year?  

Two things: 1) Seeing how excited the people are when attending the VBS training. It’s a fun way to share Jesus.  2) It translates into salvation decisions, Sunday School prospects, follow-up discipleship, and more trained leaders.

4. What is your favorite VBS theme to date?  

Ocean Odyssey. The songs are still in my head. We can relate with an ocean theme since we’re on an island.

5. You might be a VBS Geek if . . .

A. You know all the VBS themes from the last 10 years in order

B. You still have all the VBS T-shirts and music CDs from the last 10 years

C. You check the VBS web site every day to see if there’s something new

D. You give Lifeway suggestions for improving different aspects of VBS (like different craft ideas….)

E. You have a countdown till the next VBS

F. You wear a VBS T-shirt every day of the week (even to work)

G. You burst into your hip-hop routine of “Yes to VBS!” when someone merely mentions VBS

H. You buy out Walmart’s stock of craft supplies or decorations

I. You buy out Lifeway’s supplies at the training clinic

J.  You “want” to sign a 10-year contract with the State office to be on the VBS training and traveling team

K. You dream about VBS

6. Will we see you at one of the VBS Previews in January or February? (Which one?)

Yes. January in Ft. Worth.



  1. Cindy says

    Clyde is definitely sold out for the Lord and sold out for VBS! Does anyone else now have the "Yes to VBS!" song stuck in your head??? I'll be in Ft Worth too and I can't wait to meet you Clyde :)

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